Work in Canada: CdnWork Employee Services

CdnWork, a subsidiary of Success Immigration Services Canada Ltd. (SIS) is a human resource corporation dedicated to assisting Canadian employers locate and hire qualified and experienced skilled professionals from around the world. As such, we specialize in being proactive seeking out suitable employees from around the world for Canadian employers.

Canada is presently facing severe labour shortages in several employment sectors. We have a birth rate which is lower than our death rate so we consequently rely on immigrants to keep our population growing. The Canadian economy is currently undergoing unprecedented growth, and both the Federal and Provincial Governments encourage immigration to help keep pace with our economic growth. Consequently, there exists a tremendous opportunity for foreign nationals who would like to immigrate, work, or create a new business or buy an eligible existing Canadian business.

Our Services:

Our people at CdnWork and Success Immigration Services Canada Ltd (SIS) specialize in assisting foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada. We operate several specialized subsidary and partner employment services which concentrate exclusively finding jobs in Canada for foriegn workers. Each company offers individualized personal service and attention to all qualified immigrants, international workers, investors and entrepreneurs interested in each specialized business sector.. Whether your goal is to obtain Canadian citizenship or a required work visa, SIS can assist you to ensure that you have the highest level of success fufilling the Government of Canada official requirements. It is important to note that it is also possible to qualify under these programs if you are interested in working in Canada for a period without later becoming a Canadian citizen.

Canada needs skilled workers such as yourself.

As mentioned, each of our employment companies focuses on a specific industrial or business sector. Each area is represented by our specialists in that particular field and all sectors are included.

CdnWork is dedicated to helping Canadian employers find suitable workers. Professional sectors such as medical, healthcare, nursing, pharmacists, information technology (IT) and other specialized professional workers.

Canadian Truckers matches drivers, mechanics, fabricators, welders and related workers with employers in the transportation and pipeline industries.

Food Services Canada If you have experience working in the hospitality industry and wish to work in Canada, we will work with you to match you with employers who are seeking to recruit employees from international destinations.

Home Care Nannies specializes in home infant, special needs, adult and geriatric care. Employees are needed in most areas of the home care sector.

Room Service Canada specializes in the hotel, restaurant and service industry.

WorldNet Placement Services specializes in the oil, gas & mining industries.

Success Immigration Services can provide entire immigration and employment services for qualified applicants.

Federal and provincial governments of Canada have special incentive programs that encourage foreign nationals who wish to start a new Canadian business or to purchase a qualifying existing business in Canada. At SIS we have an established area of our immigration service business specifically developed for foreign entrepreneurs and investors wishing to immigrate or reside in Canada. SIS works closely with you so you can know and meet all of the requirements of each program. Our Entrepreneur's and Investment Servicesare always specialized by necessity given the scope of most investments under the Entrepreneur's program. See our Business Class Immigration Section for details and opportunities.

Simply complete our Online Evaluation Questionnaire and submit it to CdnWork. Within one week of receiving your completed questionnaire, we will advise you of your chances for immigrating to Canada, as well as the cost of our services. This is a FREE service.

Please note that CdnWork and Success Immigration treat each questionnaire with strict confidentiality. See our privacy policy for details.

If, in our estimation, you qualify to apply for immigration to Canada, a fee will be required at the time of signing an engagement contract with Success Immigration, and the balance is due upon successful completion of your immigration application.

The Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Canada's Quality of Life

Untied Nations BuildingFor nine out of the last ten years, the United Nations has rated Canada the top country in the world for overall quality of life. Canadians enjoy an exceptional standard of living, good health care, social security, a high level of education, and a safe and clean environment. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, entrenched in the Canadian constitution, guarantees such fundamental rights as equality, mobility, full legal rights, plus freedom of speech, assembly and association.

A recent survey of people in 20 countries found that the majority placed Canada in the top ten list of countries they would like to live in. Most people consider Canada a generous, peaceful and compassionate nation. On a global scale Canadians are generally viewed as honest, friendly and polite.

Canada presently has a birth rate which is lower than its death rate so consequently we rely on immigrants to keep its population growing. The Canadian economy is currently undergoing unprecedented growth, and both the Federal and Provincial Governments encourage immigration to help keep pace with our economic growth.

The Political Climate

Canada is a politically-stable Parliamentary democracy, with the seventh largest market-based economy in the world. Canadians enjoy one of the world's highest standards of living. Canada is also the second largest country in the world.

Canada has two main levels of government. The federal government has primary control over immigration policy, but recently it has delegated some of that authority to the 10 provinces and three territories. This increases the chances for immigrants to come to Canada, provided they are made aware of the regional opportunities and obtain the necessary endorsements from the appropriate government agencies with the help of qualified immigration professionals. Please contact us about immigrating to Canada.

The Social Climate

3 WomenCanada is a multi-cultural society. This characteristic is preserved by the constitution and upheld by the courts. Immigrants are encouraged to preserve their cultural identities, enriching the culture and fabric of Canadian society.

Canada is a bilingual country. The two official languages are English and French. Two-thirds of Canadians speak English as their first language. The majority of French-speaking Canadians reside in the Province of Quebec.

Canada is well know as the 'Cultural Mosaic' of the world. Immigrants from almost all countries of the world have chosen to make Canada their new home. As a nation we are very proud to be known as one of the most peaceful, fair and politically stable countries on the planet.

Canada's Policy on New Immigrants

Canada is constantly creating new programmes to attract qualified immigrants. In addition to fostering family reunification and an international humanitarian commitment, immigration provides Canada with economic benefits by adding to Canada's workforce.