CdnWork: Our Management Team

CdnWork and Success Immigration Services Inc. were founded by David M.V. Coombes in 1998.

David Coombes B.A., M.Sc.
President of Success Immigration Services (Canada) Ltd. & Cdnwork

David emigrated to Canada from Great Britain as a child, and became a Canadian citizen in 1961. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Archaeology, and his Masters degree David Coombes, President and founder of Success Immigration Services (Canada) Ltd. in Biogeochemistry (the interconnection between geology, chemistry, and living things). David was a senior employee of the government of British Columbia for over 30 years.

Since 1979, Mr. Coombes has travelled extensively, especially in the Philippines. He is an expert in the geography and indigenous cultures of the country.

While travelling in Banaue Ifugao, he met Zenaida Kenept, an Ilocano-Bontoc, from Mountain Province who was visiting the area. They became engaged, and married in 1989. They now reside in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Victoria has a large Filipino population, many of whom have benefited from his advice and expertise. Some sought his help because their relatives had lost money to unscrupulous immigration consultants. Many others have complained that their relatives, who qualified on paper to come to Canada, were failing the immigration interview. They were poorly prepared by the consultants they hired. After contacting the Canadian government to try and stop these unscrupulous individuals and firms, Mr. Coombes decided to establish his own immigration service in 1998 in concert with other qualified and ethical people who had a genuine interest in assisting Filipinos and other foreign nationals to come to Canada.

David knows that both knowledge of the Philippines and knowledge of Canadian immigration law is essential to ensure that qualified applicants are successful in the immigration process.

Since 1998, Success Immigration Services have expanded to include clients from most countries globally.

Mr. Rory Lambert
Immigration Lawyer, Lambert and Williams

Mr. Rory Lambert, of Lambert and Williams, acts as Success Immigration's Canadian immigration lawyer.

Rory Lambert graduated from the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, in 1987. He is a member of the Alberta and British Columbia Bars.
He now services this practice by travelling to wherever his clients are based. In 1999, Rory traveled to Shanghai, China to provide legal immigration advice. For Rory, this experience confirmed the importance of building a team who understand the people they work for.
"I believe it is very important to know more than just immigration law. I understand foreign customs, culture and educational systems. A lack of understanding of both an applicant's personal situation and Canadian Immigration Law can ruin an applicant's chances to come to Canada."
"Consultants, who are not Canadian lawyers, cannot give legal opinions and their knowledge of Canadian law and legal process is limited. Lawyers who do not travel to meet their clients and do not work with local experts cannot claim to properly understand the people they represent."

Rory Lambert
Dumagete, Philippines
Seminar, February 20, 2000

In 1999, Rory agreed to provide legal advice to David Coombes (Success Immigration Services (Canada) Ltd.) as well as Annabel Diez and Marilou de las Alas, the co-founders of Success Immigration Services Ltd. (based in Cebu City). Their combined experience ensures that their clients stand the greatest likelihood of successful immigration to Canada.
Rory is a member of the Immigration subsection of the B.C. Bar Association and the Trial Lawyers Association. Rory is also a former member of Canada's National Track and Field Team.