CdnWork Services for Employers

When you post an employment requirement to us as an employer, our network of agents and representatives immediately commence actively seeking qualified prospective matches around the world FREE OF CHARGE.

CdnWork will find the employees you need.For the employer and employee, we look after all the immigration requirements and paperwork, ensuring everything is filed accurately and completely with Immigration Canada to expedite the immigration process. With our expertise, your new employee can commence work with your organization in the shortest possible time frame. Simply fill out an Employer Application Form to get started.

Other services we provide for employers include:

CdnWork's primary function is to provide high quality, cost effective, skilled workforce solutions to established companies and public health services across Canada. We specialize in providing international employees to meet the continually increasing demand for skilled workers which is driven by a severe shortage of qualified workers in most industrial and professional sectors in Canada. CdnWork is able to provide pre-screened professionals who are seeking employment prior to their arrival as new residents of Canada. Resumes and video interviews of applicants are available to aid employers making decisions regarding staffing.

CdnWork also specializes in helping business people work or immigrate to Canada under the umbrella of several specifice programs designed for Self Employed people, Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs. Please see our Business Opportunities in Canada page to take advantage of these specific Federal and Provincial programs.